Whatever it is you think you are, you aren’t.”

Mike Kinsella


Hi, my name is Maddes. I am a musician, singer-songwriter and producer located in Saarbrücken (Germany).

It all started with hip-hop tracks in the late 90s – produced with the options given to an adolescent at home. Later I became a drummer in alternative, punk & indie bands. Over time I learned to play multiple instruments and developed a passion for music production and studio work. I have always enjoyed experimenting with analog and digital techniques. At the moment, the sounds I create are most likely to be found in the indie and electronic pop world I guess. To this day I have generated constant output for my solo music and side projects.

With no little idealism I also had been running my own independent record label “Aerostat Records” together with friends for more than six years – a time full of formative experiences. At some point, the internet reality has made traditional labels almost obsolete. However, every now and then the oldschool spirit still shows me ways through the jungle, keeps me grounded and protects myself from today’s breathtaking pace.

Thankfully some of my music is being played on the radio (FM4, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Bayern 3, …) and has been featured on labels & media (Buddemusic, Universal Austria, …). I had the pleasure to collaborate with like-minded and amazingly talented people. I am always looking for new opportunities to broaden my horizon. Currently I am working on my second solo LP. Any kind of input and feedback is highly appreciated.

Feel free to get in touch with me, if you want to start a project or let’s just chat about music and the world. I’d be happy to share my experiences as a freelance songwriter & producer to help you with your songs and to keep myself inspired. More insights into my musical philosophies and roots can be found in this interview.


Macbook Pro | Universal Audio | Fredenstein 500 series lunchbox | Phoenix Audio & A-Designs mic pres | Kush EQ | Pete’s Place comp | Boss Dr. Sample 303 | iPad / Alesis iO Dock + Keyboard | ESI and EPOS speakers | NAD hi-fi | Cream tweed amp | T-Rex, Lexicon, Nobels, Digitech & Radial pedals | Roland e-drums


Avid Pro Tools | Universal Audio | Soundtoys | FabFilter | Native Instruments | Softube


C&C drums | Ludwig, Pearl and Sonor snares | G&L tele guitar | Martin acoustic guitar | Gibson vintage bass |  Yamaha electric organ


guitar – Christoph Klein | drums & percussion – Joachim Schillo | recording engineering & music production – Peter Miller | electric organ, keyboards & synths | mixing & mastering engineering | sound design


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I hope I did not forget anyone!